3-D Downloads

The following is a selection of downloads that will assist you in creating your own 3D stereograms and images. Click on any of these items to download.

PopOut Pro (176k zipped)

This program was created by Bob Hankinson and is Free. PopOut Pro works with all versions of Microsoft Windows. There is no warranty made for the program and no technical support is available. There is a ReadMe file and an On Line Tutorial included to supplement the one posted here. Note that this version is a free 30-day trial of the program.

Instructions: Create a Directory on your hard drive and call it PopOut. Download this file to that directory. Unzip the file using a program such as Winzip. Use File Manager (Windows 3.1) or Explorer (Windows 95) to go to the directory and double click on the poppro.exe This extracts the contents of the file into your directory. When all the files have be extracted, double click on the file called PopOut.Exe to launch the program.


XARA3D is the Number 1 tool for creating stunning, professional-quality 3D web graphics. Xara3D is so simple to use, literally anyone can produce high quality 3D graphics in minutes. Both professional web graphic designers and home computer users have been using Xara3D to make buttons, animated gifs, banner graphics and titles for web pages and presentations - and you can too. A free 15-day trial is available for download.

In Stereo

"In Stereo" is a C++ software program created by Jeremy Newton that turns anyone and anything into live stereographic video. All you need is a webcam.

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