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XP3 Deluxe Message Clock

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Weight: 3 lbs
Full Color Gift Box
User Manual

These amazing clocks use new "persistence of vision" technology to create a real image floating in mid-air, with no intervening objects, such as glass.

These innovative devices utilize the way the human brain perceives objects in motion to produce a stunning visual image that is guaranteed to capture your attention!

The high-tech, executive-style design of our clocks makes them great for home or office.

XP3 Deluxe Message Clock Features:

  • User can program their own personal messages 
    Four personal messages of up to 200 characters each

  • Variable message display settings
    - Toggle your messages on/off
    - Or have them display continuously, like a scrolling digital billboard! 

  • Quartz-accurate clock and a 100 year calendar

  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time conversion 

  • Built-in daily greetings and holiday messages

  • Captivating special effects

  • Sleek, fashionable design

Want to know how this product works?  Click here to see the science behind the amazing XP3 Deluxe Message Clock.

List Price: $59.95
Our Price: $49.95 *

You Save: $10.00


* Plus $6.00 for shipping and handling charges (will be added to the total cost
when ordered) for a total delivered-to-your-door cost of only $55.95 per unit.

Customer Testimonials

 "You've got to see this thing to believe it!"  - Jennifer


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