Online Stereogram Generator

An easy way to create your own text-based stereograms!

You need a Java-enabled browser to run this program.



This program will allow you to create your own text-based 3D stereogram! The best part is that it is incredibly easy to use! Simply enter any word in the "Hidden Word" text field (such as your name) that you would like to make into a stereogram and click the GO! button. Your stereogram will be generated automatically.
  • Options
    • Size -- Image Size of the Stereogram
    • View -- Stereo Viewing Mode
      • Parallel -- for parallel viewing
      • Cross-eyed -- for cross-eyed viewing
      • Original -- for those who couldn't see the stereogram
  • Colors are randomly selected everytime. Click GO! again for a different color scheme.
  • To save the stereogram image, the easist way is to use capture tools.
    For Windows-based users, hit your "Print Screen" key and then paste the image into your favorite graphics program (such as PaintShop Pro).

This program was created by and is the copyright of:
Kazuhiko Kondo kazz@kondo3d.com

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