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How much dirt is in a hole in the ground that is 2 feet deep and 8 inches in diameter?

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A can of soda and a candy bar cost a total of $1.50. The can of soda is $1.00 more than the cost of the candy bar. What is the price of each item?

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What word completes the following puzzle?

____ + chart
back + ____
____ + er

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Translate the following:

R | E | A | D

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A 16-year old boy, who just started driving, is pulled over by a police officer while driving 50 miles per hour in a zone with a posted speed limit of only 35 miles per hour. The police officer writes the boy a speeding ticket. Several days later, the police officer ends up paying the fine associated with the ticket.

Why would the police officer do such a thing?

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