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Masters of Deception by Al Seckel
collection profiling the work of over fifteen optical illusion artists (Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Salvador Dalí, Sandro Del Prete, Jos De Mey, M.C. Escher, Robert Gonsalves, Matheau Haemakers, Ken Knowlton, Scott Kim, Guido Moretti, Vik Muniz, Istvan Orosz, John Pugh, Oscar Reutersvärd, Roger Shepard, Dick Termes, Rex Whistler), profiling their work in depth. Most of the work in this volume has not been previously published.

3D Stereograms


Optical Illusions


Magic Eye Gallery

Magic Eye Gallery : A Showing of 88 Images
A wonderful collection of stereograms. Featuring 88 high-quality images in total!

Little Giant Book of Optical Illusions

Little Giant Book of Optical Illusions
What you see is not always what you get! You no longer have to imagine, once you've entered the world of optical illusions, where nothing is as it seems and first impressions are just that -- impressions, not the truth!.

Garfield's Magic Eye

Garfield's Magic Eye : 3d Illusions
Stereograms for the Garfield lover in all of us!

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Now You See It, Now You Don't
This classic book on optical illusions explores dozens of visual riddles about distance, depth, brightness, contrast, and color.

3D Bible Stories

3-D Bible Stories
FOR the first time ever beloved stories from the Old and New Testaments are illustrated in fascinating and colorful 3-D stereogram art.

101 Amazing Optical Illusions

101 Amazing Optical Illusions
Several different kinds of illusions (physiological illusions, e.g., afterimages; physical illusions, e.g., the result of refraction or reflection; perceptual illusions, etc.) are explored in this large full-color volume that contains more than the 101 examples of the title.

The 3-D Night Before Christmas

The 3-D Night Before Christmas
Santa goes 3-D! The classic Christmas poem by Clement C. Moore is illustrated for the first time in colorful and fascinating 3-D stereogram art.

The Art of Optical Illusions

The Art of Optical Illusions
The best collection of visual and other types of sensory illusions ever assembled in book form. The majority of illusions in Optical Illusions have not appeared before. Many of the effects are new, since they come from very recent discoveries in vision science. Of course, the old classic illusions are also represented.

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