Optical Illusions You Can Do At Home!

Hole in Hand

What You'll Need: One tube, two hands and two eyes.

Effect: For this illusion, you'll first need to find a small tube. A cardboard paper towel tube works great for this illusion, although if you can't find one, you can always roll up a sheet of paper into the same shape or find something else that is similar.

First, you want to hold the tube in front of one eye and with both eyes look at something in the distance (approximately 10 to 15 feet away). Next, hold your free hand (the one not holding the tube) up in front of the eye that is not looking through the tube. Your hands and eyes should now be positioned similar to the illustration above.

What You'll See: You should see a round hole in the palm of your hand. The object that you were looking at in the distance should be perfectly visible through this hole.

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