3D Anaglyph FAQ

How do I view the images in the 3D Anaglyph image galleries?

To view the images in the 3D Anaglyph galleries at eyetricks.com, you will need to have a special pair of glasses.

What exactly are 3D Anaglyph glasses?

You have probably seen these glasses before as they are commonly used for viewing 3D comic books, 3D television shows and movies, games, art, etc. Now, of course, they can be used to view pages on the Internet, such as the ones you are looking at now (or are about to look at).

The glasses typically have one red lense (left eye) and one blue lense (right eye), as such:

Where can I get a pair of 3D Anaglyph glasses?

Good question. You can now order them, at a very low cost, directly from eyetricks.com. Visit our 3D Glasses order page now by clicking here.

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